Vista Fishing Club Takes State Championships


Jack Fearnside, Staff Writer

The Vista del Lago High School’s JV fishing team recently qualified for the Junior Division State Championship in North California. The tournament is held in Bethel Island at Russo’s Marina, where over 40 teams around California compete to confirm their spot in the National World Finals in Alabama.

Rankings for the fishermen are achieved by getting points for fishing and catching fish in these competitions. The top eight on the junior division leaderboard: Adam Boldt, Cameron Mcque, Jack Fearnside, Drew Schneiderman, will get to participate in the competition. These eight work towards beating other junior division teams to go to the National World Finals.

With the team doing well, the fishermen have high hopes heading into the to the tournament. “I feel pretty good about our chances at taking the title, we have a lot of people on the team in the top leaderboards,” said Mcque.

Freshman Adam Boldt agrees. “I’m confident in our ability to win because we know the secret spots and baits to use to win.”

“I had a good experience joining the club because I got to meet new people who like to do thing just like me,” said Boldt, a new member of the fishing club. Through the fishing club, the anglers have made great connections with new people.

In all fishing tournaments, competitors work with partners. “Having a partner allows you to have an extra line in the water, increasing your chances at catching a fish,” said Boldt.

“You need that extra person because having different kinds of baits in the water can help you find patterns to find what the fish are biting,” said Schneiderman. When fishing, there are certains baits to use depending on the condition of the water, but everyday the baits changed so competitors need to find what is working to get fish.

According to the Student Angler Federation,“To have an official catch, fish must be over 12 inches,” and competitors only allowed to keep five fish.

For Boldt, Mcque, and Schneiderman, their experience joining the club was amazing and they all want to participate again next year. “It was a great year for the fishing club, overall. everyone ranked high and everyone had fun,” said Schneiderman.