Vistapalooza: The Encore of the School Year


Vistapalooza flyer

Drew DeAnda, Writer

At the end of the school year, the students, parents, and teachers of Vista del Lago High School come together to showcase the greatest from the music and art departments for the entire year. Having been held on May 18, 2023, you can see just about every type of art showcased, with some even being auctioned off or for sale. The music also had a lot of variety, with everything from rock to pop. Jacob Ocampo, a bassist at the event, stated that “Vistapalooza 2023 is the best performance we’ve had.”

The attendance ramped up quickly, and when the auditorium was crowded with people willing to view artworks and listen to music, you can tell that people were excited to be there. “Vistapalooza is like the total end result from the start of the school year, and for some from the start of their high school career,” said music teacher, Vincent Martini. “It was such a good time, and it’s great to hear the variety of music; everything from rock and roll to blues.”

The performances started at 6 p.m., but the work started long before that. Preparation for this big event started about 4 weeks ago, with students having to dial in every little detail up until this point. Reis Pebbles, a junior singer at Vistapalooza, shares that his work is demanding. “In the year prior to this, playing the guitar and drums were much simpler than having to sing. When playing drums and guitar, you can expect those to be consistent, while singing is almost the opposite.”

After 6 was when the festival came to life; music was in full spring, and the attendance was at its peak. Food was also being served, with pizza going for $5 a slice, along with sodas and sweets such as mini brownies, cupcakes, and sugar cookies.

The art there had many different styles as well. You can see everything there from paintings, digital art, mini-movies, comic books, and ceramic models. There were also silent auctions happening during the festival for some art pieces on display. On top of that, hand-made bracelets were being sold off as well.

On display as well, senior Benjamin Pishny showcased his comic book based around teacher Tyler Fuentes named “Tyler Whitman Adventures” and had a signup sheet on his computer for those that wanted a copy. “It has 16 pages, and took over a year to make. I stuck with it though, and am very satisfied. This is the career I want to go into.” On the signup sheet, there looked to be over 15 people interested in his book.

Ashley Smith was a proud parent at the event as well, having her daughter Lily Smith’s work on display. “I am really proud for her to be able to showcase her art, she worked really hard for this and the sculpture was extra hard as a different form of art.” She pointed out Brian Schaubmayer, photography and 3D design teacher, for being a great teacher to her daughter.

The night ended with proud teachers and parents, as well as burnt out students ready for their summer vacation.