Students Show Their Talents At Vistapalooza


Ashley Gonzales

Students and parents listening to musicians performing, “Still Loving You”

Ashley Gonzales, Editor-in-Chief

Vistapalooza is an event for students to show their creativity through paintings, drawings, and music. The visual and performing arts (VAPA) teachers put the show together an the show so students can perform songs and sell their art.

It was held on May 19 in the quad and inside the Nest. The event began with the song “Cancion del Mariachi,” played by Tomas Samaniego-Evans, Josh Peres, and Dylan Bonn.

“I’m real excited for it, everyone has been working really hard…we’ve had four weeks to prepare,” said Elle Doroy, a guitarist. “We just put a lot of work into it and it always sounds pretty good.”

While musicians performed outside, the art show was inside where people could purchase student art.

Students examining art made by peers.

“Seeing everything come together, individual and performing arts, especially when you see the art show because it’s like a portfolio. You never really know what the product is until you reflect on it, so it’s a nice reflection of the hard work everybody puts in,” said Brian Schuabmayer, an art teacher at Vista. “It’s a great way to end the year and a great celebration of the hard work and talents of the students. It gets better every year.”

After most of the bands’ performances ended, senior awards and recognitions were presented, followed by the senior performers. Fittingly, their end to the performances was their final performance for Vista.

The night ended with a raffle to win a guitar, with smiling faces and tears of joy from parents and students.