An Academic Reflection



Madeleine Gentry, Writer

For most students across the U.S., the school year is almost over. Many are preparing for both finals and summer break, but some are reflecting on their academic performance and comparing their grades from this year to their grades during online school.

“I think in-person learning has really improved how much education I’ve been taking in because, during online learning, it caused me to not be motivated to actually learn. I’d use the internet more than I’d actually listen,” said freshman Parmis Ranjbar. “My grades have drastically improved and so has my mental and physical health.”

Many students share the same outlook as Ranjbar. According to Active Minds, more than 80% of students struggled with distractions during distance learning. Suicides and rates of depression increased across the country as well. Grades also dropped – over half of all high school students in cities like Houston and Dallas earned an F during the 2020-2021 school year. 

However, some students’ grades stayed the same or even slightly improved. “I feel like there hasn’t really been a change in my grades,” said sophomore Sehar Suleman. “It all just depends on what classes I selected.”

After most students returned to the classroom, grades across the country improved. Some students miss the extra free time online school gave them, though. “I think online school was better for my learning because I had more time to sleep. I didn’t have to wake up so early for school,” said freshman Gabriela Roche-Ramirez.

 The Sleep Foundation reported that decreased sleep leads to memory loss and decreased attention span for students. Online school gave students a chance to sleep more so they were better rested for school, helping some retain more knowledge.

Although some students may have strong opinions on which learning model was better for them, most recognize the benefits of both. Eventually, schools will be able to balance the benefits of in-person learning with the free time of online learning in the future.