Meet the Candidates for Vista del Lago High School’s ASB Presidential Election


Ria Srivastava

Candidates Sophia Perez and Lexi Biagetti.

Ria Srivastava, Editor-in-chief

FOLSOM, Calif. — On Thursday, April 7, Vista del Lago High School freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will vote for their Associated Student Body President. Candidates Lexi Biagetti and Sophia Perez campaign for the position. 

The ASB president position is described as, “the face of the governing program.” To read more about the position, click here.

The Vista Voice spoke to each candidate to learn more about their campaigns. 

What issues do you see occurring on campus that you hope to resolve? 

Lexi: Ever since returning in person, admin and other students have noticed a sort of negative campus culture. By  highlighting more students of all different groups, I hope to fix some of the negative reputation that student government currently holds, and have more opportunities to unify the school with activities like rallies and dances. 

Sophia: There’s not enough recognition for all of the sports teams! Vista has a multitude of great teams and next year I want to make sure that student government supports teams that are often not recognized: golf, tennis, swim, and more. 

What experiences have prepared you for this position?

Lexi: My current position in student government is the ASB vice president, allowing me to experience the inner workings of student government, taking on responsibilities like running the canned food drive and organizing the senior baskets, so I have firsthand experience in planning, executing, managing all aspects of a student government activity. I also am on FCUSD’s student advisory board, an amazing experience that has allowed me to confidently advocate for students, and listen to their needs. 

Sophia: Being ASB president would make it my fourth year in student government. I’ve been involve since freshman year and have been able to observe and take in those experiences to help me be prepared. 

Many students express not feeling represented by their student government. How do you hope to fix this? 

Lexi: This year has been very hectic, next year I hope we can reach everyone. I want to promote soccer games, volleyball games, wrestling, all the games and all athletes on our campus. Not just that, but our amazing clubs participating in community outreaches, academic excellence, amazing plays and concerts, and activities like international night that go either unnoticed or underpromoted. This year, with better organization, we will better represent the entirety of vista. 

Sophia: I’d make sure we have more organized committees! That way we would be having more advisory recognition, lunch recognition, getting the school to make tunnels for sports teams, etc. 

What might your weaknesses be as president? 

Lexi: I get stressed extremely easily, and set absurdly high expectations for myself. Those two don’t mix very well, but I am working on better mental health practices so that I can be the best version of myself when representing Vista. 

Sophia: My weakness is that I love sleep. No matter what I have to do, naps will be my priority. I’m always sleepy and will leave school literally to take a nap. 

What will your strengths be as president?

Lexi: I’m really organized, like to the point where it’s annoying, but I think that makes for good leadership. I have so many ideas already that I would love to implement, and I really do listen to students. I care what Vista has to say, I pay attention when people speak out about Vista’s reputation of favoring certain sports, underpromoting VAPA, and more. I hear you, and I am passionate about making student government a better representation of Vista as a whole. 

Sophia: I think my main strengths are that I’m outgoing and organized. I love creating super fun events and the planning process is actually super fun for me.