The Vista Parking Situation

The Vista Parking Situation

Phoenix Guevara, Staff Writer

Parking has become an increasingly important issue for the students of Vista del Lago High School with many students resorting to parking in the surrounding neighborhoods. The situation was already a topic of discussion last year, and now even more area for the students to park has been taken away.

Not many students know about the new rule that has been put into place by the city, that there is now a two hour parking limit on the nearby street of Carpenter Hill on school days. According to the Folsom Traffic Safety Committee Staff Report that covered the meeting regarding the petition signed by the residents, “Specifically, the suggestion was to was to implement a 2-hour parking time limit, effective 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on school days.”

The new parking rule is not limited to only students, however. The report also states that “… the City can only post parking restrictions that apply to all vehicles – including those of the residents, their guests, and delivery/repair vehicles.”

“I have to wake up earlier so my sleep schedule is all messed up,” said Vista junior Joel Kreiser.  “I have a friend in the area and I park in front of their house.” Even with a parking spot in front of his friend’s house, he said that the walk is an extra five-to-ten minutes.

With the parking restrictions going up, one could assume residents have been complaining about the students parking. “We received no complaints,” said Principal Lori Emmington, adding that she did not know that the city posted the parking-limit signs.

Although the parking near the school is limited, there are some parking spaces along Broadstone Parkway and Serpa Way.