Red Sparrow’s Impact

Nicole Ogle, Writer

Red Sparrow premiered on March 2, 2018. This film, directed by Francis Lawrence, stars Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton, and Matthias Schoenaerts. It shows how a life-changing accident can lead to something even better. The film inspired people to believe that no matter what comes their way, it isn’t the end and share this message with others. The main character of this movie, Dominika, is injured ending her ballet career, but this leads her on a path pushing her to become a secret agent called Red Sparrow, as she grows strong once again in a whole new way.

Many high school students struggle with hard situations feeling like the end of their entire world. Red Sparrow can show students that staying where they were would’ve held them back from something better.

A junior at Vista del Lago High School, Bonchi Wright, enjoyed the film  and was able to share the message with her friend. “She was telling me about something she was struggling with, so I told her how it could be just what she needs to find another open door to something better and to not stay too down about it and look for the good things coming her way,” Wright said. She used her inspiration from the film to spread positivity with others.

Another student could also relate to a situation in the film. “I have been in situations that I couldn’t find too much good in but ended up gaining experiences and growing close to new people. I could’ve missed out on that  if I didn’t go through what I did,” said Andrea Davidson. “This movie helped me realize the good that’s come of it so I’m able to share my positivity with people around me at school and be encouraging to others going through hard times.”

Elise Layton, also a junior, enjoyed this film because she relates it to how people feel as if there’s no answer to some problems, but then someone can come along and help you find perspective. “I feel like this movie helped me appreciate how problems I’ve faced have been resolved and led me to better things. It’s motivated me to help others here at Vista overcome problems as well and show them they are stronger than what they feel is stopping them,” said Layton.

Students have let this movie show them a way to add positivity to Vista’s environment. After these interviews, it’s clear that students struggle with hard situations, similarly to Dominika in Red Sparrow. It’s led them to take the opportunity to share this encouraging lesson with their peers to bring eachother up. The acting in this film was very well-done as well; you could feel the emotions they portrayed and feel yourself in their shoes. The film was very engaging and had lots of originality.

Vista students have gained inspiration to share love with others. The feedback from Vista students shows how a situation not only gave new outlooks and experiences but inner strength and confidence. Students learned about self-dependence just as Dominika did as well. It shares positivity and the idea that everything will be alright, if not better. This film, under its initially heartbreaking, intense, dark theme, has an impactful voice.