Class of 2017 Advisers

Kate Wang , Features Writer

After winning the Hunger Games competition, Carlson’s advisory holds up a #1

It’s that time of year again. Three-fourths of the school population is moving on to the next grade, and most importantly, seniors are heading to college. For the last four years, seniors experienced the fullness of high school–the strife and friendship, the rough and smooth patches. However, between it all, senior advisers have always been there to make everything in those four years possible.

Advisers are those teachers who take time out of advisory to positively impact a student’s high school experience. They are the ones to go to for advice or when you need a trusted adult to confide in.

At Vista del Lago High School, seniors go to Advisory every Wednesday and during that time advisers are updated on each student’s life. Whether it be school or extracurriculars, senior advisers are there, and all the while they gain unique experiences from being an adviser.

“My favorite part about being an adviser is being an advocate for my students for all four years of high school. I love to help make each day a little easier for my students. Every time I got to help them, I felt so much joy,” said Elicia Carlson, Vista’s music director and senior adviser.

Advisers take on the big role of supporting their students and the memories made in advisory create an even stronger bond between the adviser and students. These memories that will continue to be cherished and remembered forever.

“My favorite memory is the very first door challenge. I remember it was very colorful and was called Lemon’s Gods and Goddesses. Everyone was dressed up and there were lemons everywhere,” said Constance Lemon, Vista’s U.S. History teacher and senior adviser.

With each passing advisory challenge and class, advisories build a legacy for themselves. It’s these legacies that make each and every advisory unique.

“We are known for being the underdogs–the comeback kids! We spent three years trying to pull it together and in the end my advisory dominated almost every challenge this year!” said Carlson.

And that legacy is made through every individual along with the changes from freshmen to senior year. It is those four years that really help to define an advisory class.

“Yes, if I could name them, I would name them the high school clique. They each made their own groups and stuck with them the whole time,” said Lemon.

In these past four years, many legacies, memories, lessons, talks and challenges have been made through advisory, and as the end of the school year draws near,  all senior advisers and students must say their farewells.

“ Words can’t describe how much you’ve made an impact on my high school career. I will always remember my advisory days with you and how you always made them better,” said Macey Vial, senior of Lemon’s advisory class.

This may be the last advisory for the class of 2017, but it’s also the last time students will have travel during advisory. As of next year, the new schedule will allow advisors to see their students at least once per week. This schedule can provide many benefits as it provides advisers the opportunity to get to know each student better and assist them more often.

“I would like to think that it is going to be for the better. I would be more connected to student progress and enrichment. That will be more prominent than before. Where we will have conservations about where they are going for the week,” said Lemon.

Although the new schedule and class of students will bring a different atmosphere next year, advisers will continue to bring each and every student under their wing.