AT&T and Verizon: The latter of the two


Author: AT&T

Liam Shelnutt, Staff writer

A cell phone is usually a daily part of a modern student’s life, therefore, phone carriers should naturally be competing for young customers’ satisfaction. In this case, it is specifically the students’ who experience inconsistent phone service while they travel about Folsom that the phone carriers need to focus on making happy.

To elaborate, the exact reason Vista Eagles experience a loss in service and data when on campus is due to the fact the school’s  location is not covered by the service provider AT&T.  

Located on Broadstone Parkway, Vista del Lago is undergoing serious troubles with services such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and since 1,500+ students attend the high school , each individual should be covered in case of emergency.

However, students that subscribe to the carrier AT&T seem only able to locate certain areas to use their phones’ successfully, leaving very small radius of open areas that one can receive or send a text message. Continuing with this type of phone plan just doesn’t seem to be worth it.

In response to the lack of coverage available to Vista, principal Lori Emmington decided to contact the companies directly.

Emmington reached out to AT&T, contacting their headquarters in Arkansas. “They looked into the situation but their final response was that they have no plans to improve service in our area. The bottom line is that anyone using AT&T will not have adequate phone or Internet service on Vista’s campus,“ said Emmington via email.

Emmington then suggests that the obvious plan of action is to change carriers for better service.

Students and employees have little, if any phone service if they have AT&T as their cell service provider,” said Emmington. And with that the question of students’ overall safety must be addressed. “I see that as a safety issue for students and faculty, but I have exhausted any avenues I have to remedy this situation.  I encourage Vista students and families to express their concerns to AT&T directly.”

The immediate solution would be to simply research what various phone carriers’’ coverage supports. However, Vista has a Verizon Wireless transformer located within the campus’ vicinity. To ensure that students will always have the ability to contact emergency services, a quick switch to Verizon could most likely save people most cell troubles.