Vista del Lago Track and Field Season

Vista’s track and field season has come to a close, finishing out the year on a good note ending out the season. The women went undefeated.

Even though it’s only their first year, freshmen already have begun to recognize the significance of the season. “Well, we have a lot of fun in practice; it’s really enjoyable running the hurdles and the 400 meter race (those are the events I compete in,” Bryce Kreiser said. “I love track not only because of the because of the social aspect, which is really fun, but it’s the kind of sport where you complete against yourself as well as other athletes.”

On a similar note, Freshmen Dylan Watson said, “My favorite memory is when we had the water fight towards the end of the season”

If anyone is interested in joining track next season in begins in the middle of February ends in the middle of May.