Project Impact

All clubs on campus have a purpose, but only one increases access to education for girls on the other side of the world.

“We are a club dedicated to helping children locally and internationally,” said Tamanna Ananna, a senior who is the club’s president.

Project Impact works directly with Girls Learn International, a program approved by the United Nations. Through Girls Learn International, Project Impact has been given a partner school in Pakistan that they raise funds for.

Over the past three years, Project Impact has raised $3,000 through Open Mic Nights, which Project Impact established. This year they also raised funds through “Turkey grams” which were sold before thanksgiving.

Part of what makes Project Impact so unique is that they not only raise funds for their sister program in Pakistan, but they also volunteer at St. Johns Hospital, and they are considering donating money to UNICEF and tsunami relief funds.

Seniors Cinnamon Crump and Breanna Phan have also contributed much to Project Impact over the years. Ananna, Crump, and Phan were freshmen when the club began, and they distributed much of the responsibilities once the graduating seniors left.

“Girls Learn International really interested me,” explained Ananna. “I’m from Bangladesh, and once I visited my grandmother and watched a 16 year old run away instead of being forced to get married.”

Girls Learn International is trying to avoid scenarios such as what Ananna witnessed. According to their mission statement, “The GLI Program supports the empowerment of U.S. students as they discover that through their own creative initiatives, dedication, and passionate leadership, they can create real solutions that address the obstacles facing girls and women here and around the world.”

“We are dedicated and commited to our cause, we care about what we do, we want to make an impact, hence, Project Impact,” concluded Ananna.