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Superstitions of Vista Athletes

Destiny Carr, Staff Writer

Eagle time: December 20, 2017

“My superstition is that if our entire varsity team doesn’t go to Wendy’s to get Frosties the night before any given game, then we won't win.” -Destiny Carr

A Field of Our Own

Destiny Carr, Staff Writer

Eagle time: November 15, 2017

Prior to this season, Vista’s freshmen, JV, and varsity football teams have always played at Folsom High School. However, just over a month ago, the Vista football teams played their first home games in the newly built stadiu...

Folsom Prodigey

Folsom Prodigey

Eagle time: December 17, 2016

The Vicis Zero 1 Helmet

Seth Hornstein, Staff writer

Eagle time: November 3, 2016

Injuries have always been an epidemic in football, from professionals all the way down to pop warner leagues, specifically with concussions. The Vicis Zero 1 Helmet is a small startup company in Seattle and its main purpose is...

Vista Athletes: What’s next

Vista Athletes: What’s next

Eagle time: October 30, 2016

Stadium Dreams become Reality

Stadium Dreams become Reality

Eagle time: October 26, 2016

How NFL’s Concussion Epidemic is Affecting Vista

Nick Valentine, Staff Writer

Eagle time: October 20, 2013

Opinion Senior Hunter Walls, a seventeen-year-old athlete, has struggled with head-injuries throughout his football career. Despite the doctor’s advice to stop playing football, parents and teammates continue to pressure him to p...

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