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Beefing-Up Healthy Snacks for After-School Cravings

Nathan Bergen, Staff Writer

Eagle time: December 15, 2013

According to, 1 in 3 children is obese, so as tempting as those potato chips are, there are healthier snacks to eat that are recommended by fellow students. “I would have to say a fiber bar, they are really good...

The sign lures in customers and preys on healthy habits.

How Fast Food Affects Teen Health

Eagle time: October 28, 2013

Body-Image Pressure Affects Guys, Too

Courtland McCoy, Features Editor

Eagle time: October 12, 2013

When it comes to body image, it’s clear that girls have a difficult time—both physically and mentally—fitting into the cookie cutter shape that society flaunts; however, what people don’t know is that men are more con...

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