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Senior Assassin 2024

Vista del Lago’s 2024 Senior Assassin game is underway.

Starting February 5, seniors have been armed with water guns and vibrant pool floaties for Senior Assassin 2024. This is a non-school affiliated tradition where seniors pay a fee to play a harm-free game against their classmates.

Senior Assassin is a game played with a team of two partners. Each team is assigned another group for a specific period of time to “kill.” Participants can only shoot their own targets during that period and no one else. Once a person is “killed” they are out of the game unless their partner “revives” them by killing someone on the opposing team.

To find out who their opponents are, one of the two team members receives a DM via Instagram of who their opposing team is.

Participants wearing pool arm floats, however, are protected from being shot as it doesn’t count. The float must be inflated and visible for it to qualify as a protection. While these keep people protected from being killed on typical days, they do not count on purge days.

“Purge days” are randomly selected when people aren’t safe from anyone, floatie or not. These only take place one day at a time and are announced the previous day.

The game can strike fear in the players because the unknown of who will get them and when they will do it is always on their minds.

One of the common fears is shared by senior Gabriela Gibson: “Getting shot and not knowing who has you as a target.”

The fear of betrayal is also common with the players. “It’s tough out here in Folsom and it could be anyone after you, even your best friend could come up behind you and shoot you,” said senior Ishan Jaggi.

At school, the gym, places of worship and work are all off limits. Any attacks in these safe spaces do not count.

“I’m excited to spend some quality time with my teammate and fight against my friends,” said Vista senior Sydney Clinton. The excitement of the game is a friendly competition to celebrate the end senior year.

If you are interested in following along, follow the Senior Assassin instagram at @24seniorassassin24. They have already posted the instructions and further information, coming up they’ll post attacks and more information following the game.

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