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New Teachers at Vista for the ’23 – ’24 Year

New Teachers at Vista for the 23 - 24 Year

It is the new year for Vista–new accomplishments and wins, new goals and challenges, new experiences and advice, new spirit days and homecoming princes and princesses, new clubs and classes. And of course, new friends and teachers!
Vista is happy to welcome the new teachers as a wonderful and unique part of the Vista Family, and
The Vista Voiced interviewed three to help everyone get to know them.

Jennifer De La Cruz

Q: What class do you teach?
De La Cruz: I teach biology, anatomy, and physiology.

Q: If you believe in reincarnation, what animal would you be reborn and why?
De La Cruz: Wow, I think, a bird because I would I really like to fly! The common dream of many people can turn into reality!

Q: What part of biology do you hate the most?
De La Cruz: The tests that we are giving and grading. I think students can agree on this as well.

Q: If not being a biology teacher what subjects would you teach and why?
De La Cruz: I would love to teach my anatomy class because we get to dissect things and I love them!
And it is nasty and interesting at the same time…

Q: Have you ever thought about if monkeys evolved into humans, why are there still monkeys?
De La Cruz: I have never thought about that, no, but everything has its place, things change.
Reader, have you ever wondered about that?

Q: Do you approve of pineapples on pizza?
De La Cruz: Yes! I love Hawaiian pizza! Hawaiian haters, don’t stress out!

Q: Cereal or Peanut Butter Jelly sandwich?
De La Cruz: Oh, that is a hard one, but I have to go with cereal. Cereal rules!

Q: What nickname did your parents use to call you?
De La Cruz: I didn’t really have one, maybe Jenny?


Araksya Movsisyan

Q: What class do you teach?
Movsisyan: I teach Beginning Composition.

Q: If not language, what class would you teach in school?
Movsisyan: French because it is a lovely language.

Q: Do you like the British accent?
Movsisyan: I do love it.

Q: Do you like Russian literature? If yes, who is your favorite writer?
Movsisyan: I haven’t read much Russian literature.

Blitz questions!
Q: To Kill a Mockingbird or The Catcher In The Rye?
Movsisyan: To Kill A Mockingbird.

Q: Book or travel?
Movsisyan: Travel

Q: Favorite holiday?
Movsisyan: Thanksgiving.

Emily Loustale

Q: What class do you teach?
Loustale: I teach Integrated Math 2.

Q: Do you believe that artificial intelligence will replace teachers in the future?
Loustale: I do not believe it will replace teachers, but I do think it will help to assist teachers in their teaching and students in their learning.- That would be very cool!

Q: Which part in math do you like less than others?
Loustale: I do not like geometry very much; proofs or anything geometry-related is not my favorite.

Q: What is an interesting or funny story related to math that you know?
Loustale: When I was in college, I majored in Math, there was an app called Pi Panda that we all downloaded. So in that app, you were typing the diets of pi as far as you could go, and every time you messed up it would start over. So, we had a competition with me and my classmates to see who could memorize the most digits of pi. And I was the one who memorized the most. And I think it was 105 digits.

Q: What is the most common thing students do that annoys you?
Loustale: Not showing their work on time.
To those students who will have Ms. Lousdale, make a note.

Blitz questions.
Q: Do you approve of pineapples on pizza?
Loustale: I do not, don’t think pineapples should be warm.

Q: Sine or cosine?
Loustale: Sine.

Q: Favorite day of the week?
Loustale: Friday, because it is almost the weekend, of course!

 The school is always happy to have new members in their giant Vista family!

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