Behind the Scenes of the Yearbook

Juniors Skye Mcleod and Kayla Stansell work on a spread.

Maggie Marrs

Juniors Skye Mcleod and Kayla Stansell work on a spread.

Maggie Marrs, Editor-in-chief

After a hectic and overwhelming year, the Talon staff submitted its final draft on April 5. Our school’s yearbook is a great way for students to look back on fun activities from the year, whether it’s to see your portraits or sports events, many students look forward to being handed their book the last week of school.

Many overlook the long hours and hard work that is put into producing the yearbook. 

“Everyone comes in and gets set, in the back rows all the editors have a few things that were working on and then all our staff members have at least one spread that they’re working on or miscellaneous tasks they have to do, but for the most part it’s just tying all the loose end right now,” said editor-in-chief Skye Mcleod. 

“A lot of times it can be overwhelming, but seeing the end results is really rewarding,” said co-editor Checca Callahan. “All of us have a time frame we try to follow but we just do our best to meet our deadlines and get the book together.”

Staffer Jillian Touponce noted that being in the yearbook has opened a lot of leadership and teamwork opportunities for her that she wouldn’t have been able to experience elsewhere.  

Maggie Marrs

“We do the work for the yearbook but we also spend time talking and entertaining each other and creating bonds,” said Touponce. “It’s one of those courses that just teaches you about real world stuff and how it is to work with others.”

Yearbook advisor, Tyler Fuentes, said that the process has been a very fulfilling experience that has allowed him to open his creative outlet more. 

“Yearbook is a creative endeavor,” said Fuentes. “You get to physically make something that you get to look at the end of the year…just doing layouts and working with people to try to make things look aesthetic has been really great.”