How to Make the Most of Summer Break


Morgan Gore, Staff Writer

Summer break is anticipated throughout the school year. Students can have fun experiences and be adventurous without the stresses of school. Whether your plans involve traveling the world or relaxing at home, there are tons of activities to do to make the most of summer.

“I am going to spend time with my family in Germany and then celebrate my mom’s best friend’s birthday in the Netherlands,” said freshman Emilia Schultz who travels to Germany every summer.

However, traveling isn’t the only way to have an amazing summer break. While relaxing at home, there are plenty of activities teenagers can do. Opportunities like volunteering for organizations such as the Special Olympics or picking up trash around the area can give summer a rewarding outlook.

Some volunteer organizations that accept teenage volunteers are the Special Olympics, Happy Tails, and the Sacramento Food Bank.

“I would consider volunteering because it would be good to give back to the community,” said Kira Sadler, a freshman at Vista. Sadler is planning on spending much of her summer time playing basketball, but she is still looking forward to the free time she is going to get.

“I think volunteering is an amazing idea, and I am considering volunteering at a children’s camp in July,” said freshman Avery Seale.

There are plenty of easy outdoor activities that anyone can do over summer depending on what they want to do. Local athletic activities include biking, hiking, swimming, and kayaking.

Here are some locations to do these activities: Sacramento Aquatic Center and California Parks.

“I think that easy ideas such as biking, swimming, and hanging out with friends is a great idea,” said Seale.

To escape the heat, people can go to the movie theaters, drive-ins, or set up a movie night at home with friends or family. For those who love the heat, they can go to picnics in a local park, mini golf at Monster Mini Golf, the zoo, or have a water balloon fight.

With plenty of options and ideas, there is no reason to not have a great summer break and try new things, like volunteering or biking. Whatever the activity is, summer should be filled with good experiences and having fun.