Parking Lot perks and Concerns

Parking Lot perks and Concerns

Katie Howell, Features/Life

The student parking lot has become a topic of many conversations. With Vista’s population rising and more students being out on the road, the problem of students parking in the student parking lot without passes will keep increasing.

Vista del Lago student Megan Campeau has some strong opinions on this topic: “Sophomores don’t pay for spots and they take up people with early release spots so people with a pass have to park in neighborhoods.” She also has ideas that would help improve the circumstance. “Close the gate so parents can’t get in and you can only exit the parking lot”. As a junior, she wishes things would change, but she has not heard of any new ideas from Vista.

Another Vista del Lago student, Ashton Titus, has to walk from a nearby neighborhood everyday because there are not enough spots in the lot. “It’s a pain, but there is nowhere else to park my car”.  Many students are concerned that there will not be available spots here when they start driving.

“If the school would make a new parking lot, there  would be more spots, students wouldn’t have to park in neighborhoods and make people mad, and kids wouldn’t have to walk so far to get to school,” said Sarah Hurley, a freshman student at Vista. “I’m worried that when I start driving I won’t have anywhere to park”.

There was a rumor going around that a new lot would be put in the vacant land next to the school, but those plans have not been finalized.

The students at Vista have ideas, and are ready for a change to the student parking lot.