Elections: What are Students’ positions?

Elections: What are Students positions?

Mina Heidari, copy editor

Every grade level wants their class to be the best in the school. Assuming a more active role within the students’ union or its numerous societies and sports clubs is therefore a smart idea.

There are many elected positions available, some requiring greater involvement than others. Vista del Lago High School has already voted for who they wanted to elect, whether it’s for class president, PRC, or student government.

The responsibilities of the leadership roles in each class are necessary for achieving school goals. These students for the most part are characterized to be resourceful, good problem solvers, promoters of school activities, and idea-contributors.

“As the student body president, I will be assisting all class presidents in helping their classes to be the most spirited, informed, and involved at Vista,” said Cade Sidhu, a junior at Vista.

“As this year’s junior class president, I have had so much fun helping out the class of 2019. We are in the first place right now for the Vista Cup for the first time in our history so that is really awesome.”

A lot of students join for various reasons, but the level of dedication is the same for everybody.

“At first, I didn’t really know why I was running for president, I just thought it would be a cool way to get involved with the school,” said Kevin Dunn, a sophomore. “After I was elected, I realized that I would have really good connections with the majority of the people in my class. I feel like not everybody is connected with each other very well, so I will try my best to fix this situation and try to bring everybody closer together. That is my main goal for next year’s junior class president, so that we really get to enjoy our last few years before we graduate.”

The few primary duties of the class president usually include working with students to resolve problems and to inform school leaders and the student government of ideas. Class and ASB officers need to have a few important characteristics, such as having self-confidence, core self-evaluations, trustworthiness, assertiveness, and a lot of enthusiasm. Unfortunately, not every high school student has all of these characteristics; most high schoolers don’t necessarily have the highest self-confidence, nor do they have the a lot of time to lead their classes because of their busy schedules.

“A PRC is one of the main faces that connects the student body to the rest of our school, so I definitely want to make sure all the classes feel united, and don’t feel like they are by any chance being left out, specifically for the class of 2019. I would really love to see how the PRC’s can work together to have more spirited involvement from the rest of the students in spirit days, rallies, sports games…” said junior Brynn Thomas.

Overall, students should consider volunteering with school activities and make sure their class is well-spirited. High school should be looked at as an entertaining and fun place, and by getting involved to make your class the best at the school, you can be a part of the fun.