Chasing Dreams like Chen

Chasing Dreams like Chen

Auhona Zaki, Staff writer

Nathan Chen is an amazing guy. Not only did he get into the Olympics, but he also got accepted into Yale University. Only 6.3% of all people get accepted into Yale and only the best of the best get to go to the Olympics.

“First of all, it’s Yale. It’s a school that I’ve wanted to go to for a very long time,” Chen told NBC News.  

Chen has found a way to balance Yale and his figure skating career. He won gold in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, and he is determined to continue both figure skating and school at Yale University. “Yale seems like they would like to collaborate the best with me and try to figure out the best approach for me to work with both school and follow my skating dreams,” Chen told NBC news.

Just like Chen, Vista students are over-achievers, as well. Senior Annaka Barragan is planning to continue you her cross country and track and field career while studying science in college. “I have to take a lot of biology and science-tech classes. It’s really helpful to learn things about the human body and how it works to better myself as an athlete,” Barragan said.

Dominick Norris, another senior at Vista, is continuing his football career while balancing his studies. “I know I have to be well to keep going. It’s just important maintain good grades at the same time,” Norris stated.

An exceptionally talented performer at Vista is Shreya Acharya who played the lead role in the musical Urinetown at Vista. She is a senior going to UC Santa Barbara and is planning to study biology while pursuing community theatre because she is exceptional at both. “I’ve been singing for a long time. More experience and more time,” Acharya said. “The more that you get involved in things, the better that you will be at it,” Acharya stated. Acharya is exceptional in acting, singing, and school, and she is balancing all three priorities.

Nathan Chen and Vista’s students are achieving their ambitions and getting a good education at the same time. It’s possible for everyone to achieve