Seniors Strike Back: Senior Survival Week


Nahya Pelito, Section Editor

  • Carlson's advisory competes for the winning title in Death-Star Dodgeball.

Boat races. Picnic blankets laid out on the green. Volleyballs and footballs tossed in the air. For the graduating class of 2018, seniors were able to relax and bond with their advisories for one of the most anticipated events of Vista del Lago’s traditions– Senior Survival Week.

Advisories grouped into four teams based on the Star Wars theme: Kylo Ren with black colored t-shirts, Yoda with green, R2-D2 with blue, and the Sith as red. Seniors were given their designated colored t-shirts during advisory to prepare for Game Day.

On April 10, seniors met at the black top and walked up to the football field to compete in the dodgeball tournament. In the final round, Elicia Carlson’s advisory won against Mike Struebing’s advisory. Afterward, seniors were treated to lunch from Big Daddy Pizza Co.

Senior Amish Jain, who took part in the dodgeball tournament, stated, “It was really an opportunity for us to spend more time with our advisory. We’ve been with each other for a long time now, we all know each other pretty well, so having the opportunity to really relax with them and spend time with them was really enjoyable for me.”

The following day, April 11, the senior advisories showcased their boats during both lunches. Music blasted throughout the quad and teams passed out treats to earn voting favors to win the Best in Showcase award.

Vincent Martini’s advisory passed out beverages with live music performances, Carlson’s advisory had a black car parked out front for display, while Stefanie Dutton’s advisory handed out donuts during lunch for their Dunkin’ Donuts theme.

“I thought our boat was going to be a piece of cardboard and that’s it. But no, we ended up working way harder because we were so hyped,” senior Camille Delizo said. “It was just nice seeing everyone bond over something. We were all really excited for each other when we got out and did the race.”

Day on the Green was held on Thursday, April 12. Seniors gathered together on the field with their picnic blankets and lunches to soak up the sun, relax, and talk the hours away with friends. Participants played volleyball, football, and soccer under the sun as well.

For some seniors, Senior Survival Week celebrated everything that they have accomplished over the past four years.

“It was amazing as I thought it would be. I had fun being able to play volleyball with my friends and being able to enjoy the different activities we had,” Jain stated. “Then, there was also the sense that I made it–I made it here and I’ve seen other seniors do these events and now I’m one of them.”

For other seniors, the week shed a new light on graduation, college, and other plans after high school inching closer.

“I was excited because I knew that it was a sign that senior year was going to end and we were supposed to have fun our senior year,” Delizo said. “But, I was also stressed because I’ve never had this much fun before in my life and I’m scared for college because I know that college is going to be really busy and it won’t be like this exactly.”

On the final day of Senior Survival Week, the Boat Regatta was held at the school’s swimming pool. Students were decked out in swimming suits or their advisory’s theme for the race. In the final race, Christina Rae’s advisory won the Golden Paddle race against Michael Hammer and Dutton advisories. For the rest of the afternoon, seniors jumped off the diving board, ate hamburgers and hotdogs, and played games on the soccer field.

Other awards were given based on the activities the advisories participated in. Hammer’s advisory won Best Teamwork, Best in Boat Show, and Best in Titanic.

The juniors of Vista can now anticipate their chance of experiencing these exciting events of Senior Survival Week next year.