Fortnite Craze

Fortnite Craze

Rashi Duttagupta, Staff Writer

The new craze that has been the talk on social media for weeks. The game that is needed to be played everywhere. The craving that soon became the new addiction for everyone. Fortnite is the top trending video game in the nation, that is leaving people wanting more. Recently introduced as a mobile app, players no longer need to wait until they return home to play.

At Vista del Lago, if a person is unaware of Fortnite, “They aren’t living their best life,” according to Vista del Lago freshmen Liberty Warner. Warner started playing the game a couple of weeks after it came out and hasn’t stopped since.

Warner enjoys playing the game because it is unlike any other game she has played before. “It’s really easy to catch on and you get hooked on it right away,” explained Warner.

She prefers playing on the PC because she’s more comfortable with the controls; however, the mobile version is more convenient, especially at school. One disadvantage is the time it takes to download. “I made a fettuccine alfredo and a chocolate ganache cake in the time it took to download.”

Freshmen Mia Saavedra is also one of the many students at Vista who enjoys playing Fortnite.

“I play when I get home, after my nap, before and after I shower but my favorite time to play is after I eat dinner because I’m just full of energy,” Saavedra said.

She likes the new update because of the new features that players can do like dancing on dance floors, searching chests, using a vending machine, and dealing weapons with other players. This game has become something that she looks forward to every day because of the satisfaction she gets when she plays.

Freshmen, Jack Goyeau is another student at Vista that also enjoys playing Fortnite with his friends, and he likes the things you get to do inside the game, but his favorite aspect of the game is the dances. “They’re funny, and it just makes me not think about life for a little bit.”

Goyeau believes the Ps4 and mobile version are the best consoles to play it on because it’s really easy to catch on and play it.

In the last month, the number of people playing Fortnite has surpassed the number of users on Minecraft. In March alone, 2.8M were playing Fortnite and overall about 45 million people have played. Minecraft and PUBG, two other video games that have broken the internet, have plummeted to below 1.2M users, when they used to have 10M of users at a time. Fortnite has changed the gaming world dramatically and continues to do so.