2018 Sugar Bowl


Brad Stogner, Staff Writer

On Sunday, March 17, 2018, Vista del lago High School and Folsom High School played in the first-annual Sugar Bowl, a game played between the winning Folsom and Vista del lago High School powderpuff teams, where Folsom came out on top in a high-scoring game.

The game kicked off at 10 am that morning, and it didn’t take long for Folsom to score in the first quarter of play. After the first score of the game, play started to slow down. Both teams turned the ball over a few times with a few long possessions that occurred at  the end of the first quarter.

Folsom began the second quarter with possession of the ball, so it took little time for Vista’s defense to stop the opposing team and give their team a chance to score. However, Vista was unable score until the second quarter when a touchdown pass was thrown to Emily Ormson, tying up the game 8-8. With five minutes left in the quarter, Vista was feeling hopeful to take the lead before halftime.

Folsom had the ball, starting at the 50 yard line. They ran the clock, driving down the field into Vista’s defense but were held off  from scoring just outside the endzone. With three minutes left until halftime, Vista had plenty of time to drive down the field and score, taking their first lead of the game. However, with 30 seconds left, Vista wasn’t able to complete the play, leaving the halftime score tied at 8-8 as anybody’s game.

The third quarter began with a quick touchdown from Folsom to quickly change the score to 8-16. Vista tried to answer back, but as they were driving down the field, they threw an interception which led to another field goal for Folsom. Vista continued to struggle  in the beginning of the second half of the game, allowing another touchdown for Folsom before the end of the third quarter, which ended with a score of 8-27—Folsom ahead.

Vista needed to start scoring fast if they wanted to win. They began with the ball at the 50 yard line and made their way down to the 20 yard line, looking to score. To their dismay, Vista threw an interception and Folsom took control only to waste most of the clock, scoring one last touchdown to take a dominant lead of 8-35.

For the rest of the quarter, possession traded back and forth between Vista and Folsom until Vista intercepted the ball with 40 seconds left, bringing the ball to the 30 yard line. Vista eventually scored with 8 seconds left, ending the game with a score of 35-16, Folsom winning the first annual Sugar Bowl.

Next year Vista will fight hard to win.