Grimsman for the Gold


Auhona Zaki, Staff Writer

Suspense is in the air. The bar is set. Vista del Lago senior Jake Grimsman is making it over the bar, arched in such a way that most bodies cannot begin to imitate. He clears the seven-foot two-inch mark.

Track-star Jake Grimsman completed a seven-foot two-inch high jump in January of 2018. He broke the school record and was happier than he thought possible.

“I was thinking [it was] just like a normal day, [so] I would be happy,” Grimsman stated. “Once I was in the air, I thought I didn’t clear it because I [had] taken a lot of attempts at seven feet and I just didn’t clear it.”

Grimsman worked hard for this achievement by practicing jumps during and after practice, making him a dedicated team member.

“He is extraordinary diligent about preparing for track meets,” stated Grimsman’s coach, Mike Kozlowski.

Grimsman worked hard for the seven-foot two-inch high jump achievement.

“He’s been working nonstop for the last five years on box jumps and weight-lifting specifically so he can jump higher,” said Koslowski.

Grimsman knew that he could to reach the 7 foot 2 inch mark this year, he just did not know when it was going to happen.

“During eighth grade, I told myself that I wanted to jump seven feet,” Grimsman said. “After the seven-foot jump, I felt good.”

Grimsman worked long and hard for his goals, and he was proud to reach one of his biggest goals.

“My biggest goal in life is to go to the Olympics,” Grimsman said. “I will be training for it.”

His dreams of going for gold in high jump are well-supported by others.

“I’m expecting him to be there,” Kozlowski stated.

Grimsman included some advice for aspiring athletes: “You have to work for it. Set goals and go for what you want.”

For those interested in track and field, sign-ups begin in November every year.