Three New Clubs You Will Love


Angelique Sutami, president of the Color for Cambodia Club

Karina Kolakowski, Staff Writer

Every year at Vista del Lago High School, students come up with new clubs for various organizations, academic studies, or fun activities. Currently, there are 88 clubs offering something for almost everyone. Here are three new clubs that Vista students may be interested in.


Colors for Cambodia’s purpose is to support the existing organization, that serve African people. It is a nonprofit organization that takes unwanted crayons and makes them into new crayons. They peel, sort, and melt them to sell at community events in Folsom. Once the crayons harden, the club sells them, and all of the profits go to helping victims of child trafficking in Cambodia.

“Colors 4 Cambodia is reaching out not only to the community, but helping people around the world,” said co-president Evelyn Huey.

There are no requirements for getting into C4C, and they meet on Monday twice a month.

If you are interested in purchasing the crayons, the proceeds go to AIM (Agape International Missions). AIM works in Cambodia to help stop child trafficking.

Operation Smile

Operation Smile raises awareness of cleft lips and cleft palates by raising money so that billions of children with cleft conditions can get safe and well-timed surgeries. Once the children are done with surgery, the club gives them sock puppet.                    

The goal of Operation Smile is to “let students at Vista know what cleft lip and cleft palate is because it is actually a very prevalent condition, and there are a lot of people in other countries that can’t get surgery because it is too expensive. Operation Smile helps them get the surgery they need,” said co-president Snehaa Ganesh Kumar.

If you are interested in joining Operation Smile, there are a few requirements to getting in. You have to volunteer five-to-six hours and attend most of the meetings. Operation Smile meets in E-204.

If you want to know more about cleft lip and cleft palate, visit for more information.

Between the Lines Book Club

Between the Lines Book Club is for students at Vista who enjoy reading in their free time or want to start reading more. It was created because the founders Lydia and Katie wanted to share their love of reading and expand their library.

So far, the Club has read “A Painted House,” by John Grisham, and is currently reading “In a Dark, Dark Wood,” by Ruth Ware. However, members are not required to read every book that the club assigns.

“Our main goal is to create a safe environment for book lovers to talk to each other and share our interest with one another. I hope I can accomplish this and keep our book club alive,” co-president Katie Lampkin said.

If you are interested in joining Between the Lines Book Club, they meet usually on the last Thursday of the month during FlexTime in H-203.