Palladio’s New Restaurant – Lazy Dog


Appetizer at Lazy Dog

Hannah Nelson, Staff Writer

The new Lazy Dog Restaurant at the Palladio in Folsom, Calif., provides a dog-friendly dining experience for dog owners and their pets. They have many locations in California, Nevada, Texas, and Colorado, and the menu is extensive, varying between many food styles. It also includes a small menu for dogs with simple items like rice and meat. The restaurant was packed for an early Saturday afternoon when I went to try it out.

The interior has a rustic, cabin feel with wood beams along the ceiling and warm tones throughout the building. Also, adding to the dog theme, there are pictures of dogs along a wall. Everything about the restaurant is friendly and inviting. Many families were there, as well as friends and couples sitting in booths. People and their dogs filled the outside area was filled, some sitting around the large fire pit. Everyone seemed comfortable and happy.

The staff was very helpful and each of them had smiles on their faces. The server delivered the food in a timely manner, and while we were dining, a server checked in on us every so often making sure the food was just right.

As an appetizer, I got the buffalo chicken lollipops. Though they lacked any exciting flavor, the spiciness of the hot sauce was perfect. It came with blue cheese slaw, which was a pleasant addition to the chicken.

For a small dish, I tried one of the bowls with sweet and spicy sauce. This bowl included chicken, brown rice, and broccoli. The sauce, which doused the entire dish, was overwhelmingly sweet and took away from any flavor of the broccoli and chicken. However, it was still enjoyable.  

The main dishes my table ordered were the roasted chicken and havarti sandwich, and the BBQ ranch bacon burger, both of which our server suggested.

The sandwich included chicken breast, havarti, greens, tomato, red onion, mayonnaise, and balsamic vinaigrette on focaccia bread. The flavor was pleasant and had some surprises of different spices, but nothing was overpowering. It was a fine, simple lunch dish. On the side, I got sweet potato tots, which were fun and had a nice crunch to them–the entire table enjoyed these throughout the meal.

The burger, which featured bacon, barbecue, and chipotle ranch, was flavorful and rich, although its size was too large for just one person to eat. The side for this dish was the onion rings; they were a crispy and a great addition to a classic American meal.

Finally, the time for dessert rolled around, so I ordered the butter cake which came with strawberry compote and vanilla bean ice cream. It was rich and decadent, large enough to feed at least four people. The ice cream added a coolness to contrast the warm cake. The strawberries were a nice surprise and counteracted the sweetness of the cake. This was a winner with the whole table and filled everyone.

This new, family-friendly restaurant is perfect for people and dogs alike. It surely will continue to be a go-to spot for dining in Folsom and a great place to take some friends and a dog for a delicious, satisfying meal.