Holiday Home Tour Lights Up Folsom

Christmas in Folsom is always entertaining

Christmas in Folsom is always entertaining

Dillon George, Staff Writer

For the last six years, the Murer House Foundation, Folsom History Museum, and the Folsom Historical Society hold a festive event in the month of December. This historic event, known as the Holiday Home Tour, allows Folsom’s citizens to go through 10 homes of an older time. Each one is decorated beautifully for the holiday season.

The homes are from the time period of the 1800s to the 1900s, most notably in the time of the gold rush and the Roaring 20s. People can learn a lot about these sites. “They learn how people lived in the early 18 to 1900s. How people live now in these homes when they have been updated but still keep their charm and historic value,” said Pamala McAtee, a member who helped get sponsors and do the layout for the program this year.

This tour gives visitors the feeling of going back in time. Each house celebrates a different architectural style that has lasted to this day.

The event usually runs for two days; this year it was from December 8 to 9, and each day was different. The Holiday Home Tour even brings in the holiday spirit for kids with a special guest appearance by Frosty the Snowman, who was extremely popular last year. And they make every home special for the occasion. “We also try and do a little something different each year. This year we added music to several sites,” said McAtee.

The community even gets in on this holiday event each year. Most stores in the area, most notably on Sutter Street, gives its customers a discount if they have a ticket for the home tour.

While the event has ended, the tour will most likely be back next year and bring the holiday cheer once again.