Asgardia: The Nation in Space


Top left is the shuttle recently launched; top right is a model of what the nation would look like; bottom is the nation’s logo

Abby Allen, Staff Writer

Space: the final frontier. We live on one planet out of billions in an ever-expanding universe, but that may soon change. Last summer, the first satellite was launched for a project that may lead to people living off of Earth, but not on a planet.

Igor Ashurbeyli is the founder and head of Asgardia–a nation being created in space. Ashurbeyli’s nation is a large satellite being built-in space for people to live. He has been working hard on his concept so people can thrive in this new environment.

According to Bruce Sterling, a writer for the online newspaper Wired, Ashurbeyli created this new country with three goals in mind: “to ensure the peaceful use of space, to protect the Earth from space hazards, and to create a demilitarized and free scientific base of knowledge in space.”

“I’m sure it would cost a lot,” fellow student Isabella Gatti, a junior, said. So far, no one has set a price for becoming what Ashurbeyli calls an “Asgardian,” but members can donate to help fund this new nation.

“I’m sure many people would want to do it, but at the same time it would cost so much to transport supplies up there, but if they can manage to find a way to make food and find water up there, I’m sure it’d be fine,” Gatti said.

So far, only a small satellite has been sent into space. Ashurbeyli and the other scientists working on this are currently developing ways to have food and water in this nation so its citizens can thrive.

The satellite that was recently sent into space holds “the foundations of the project – the nation’s constitution, its national symbols, and data from its 115,000 citizens,” said Leah Crane, a writer on the website New Scientist.

People can become citizens of Asgardia by filling out an application online for free. Citizens come from all over the world in many cities and on the Asgardia website, they can submit different details about themselves such as their education, relationships, and where they live.

Sydney Reynolds, a senior at Vista del Lago, was asked if she would ever consider becoming an Asgardian. “Probably not,” said Reynolds. “I wouldn’t want to die.”

Payton Lagomarsino, a junior, had a different opinion than Reynolds. “I’d think it would be interesting and a different experience and if it was safe, I would definitely go for it,” said Lagomarsino.

People have varying opinions about this new kingdom, but the question of whether one would live in Asgardia is purely personal. There are so many factors to Asgardia, one would have to think about all of them when deciding if they would want to live there. To find more information about Asgardia or to sign up to become a citizen, go to the nation’s website linked below.