Vista’s Superstar

Jake Grimsman clearing a 62 high jump.

Jake Grimsman clearing a 6’2″ high jump.

Jared Weidner and Will Skinner

Jake Grimsman, a Vista del Lago High School senior and track star, has brought success to the school with his hard work and talent. He is currently vying for the state championship with an impressive personal best of 6’11’’, the highest jump in the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF). The Brigham Young University-bound senior has been working hard to reach his personal goal of 7’3’’.

“Jake is very dedicated to his strength work and would jump all day long if we’d let him,” says Vista’s head track coach, Mike Kozlowski. Dedication to the sport has given Grimsman impressive results. “Generally speaking, very good high school high jumpers jump between 6’0’’ and  6’4’’. Jake’s best is 6’11’’. He has raised the expectations of every boy who jumps for Vista. As a result, two other jumpers joined Jake at over 6’0” last year.”

Grimsman’s excellence on the track field has also acted as inspiration for his teammates, allowing him to become a mentor for his fellow high jumpers. “I think that is pretty awesome. I really always wanted to be a mentor,” Grimsman says.

When Grimsman first started track in sixth grade, his ambition for a scholarship made him work hard.

His aspiration has now grown with his recent accomplishment. “I see myself competing at the Olympics someday, hopefully,” said Grimsman.

“Jake has a rare combination of natural abilities that make him ideally suited to high jumping. Flexibility, height, and springiness. Many athletes are one or two of these things. It is very rare to be naturally gifted in all three,” said Kozlowski. “Jake has also worked very hard to make the most of these gifts, by constantly working on his strength, speed, and technique.”

Despite these gifts, Grimsman said that in order to reach his goal, he would need to change his mindset because “a lot of times, you psych yourself out at those heights.”

“Jake is more than just a high jumper,” said Kozlowski. “He has good friends who enjoy his company, he has others who are stunned by his ability, and still others who are grinding away trying to be as good at something as he is. Everyone is glad to be part of a winning team.”

Jake Grimsman