New Reporting App Helps Fix Folsom

The new app for fixing the world

The new app for fixing the world

Dillon George, Staff Writer

Recently, the United States is experiencing issues with 911 calls and reporting problems. Usually, people with landline phones would get calls about any upcoming danger or problems, but people without landlines cannot get them.

To fix this issue, developer SeeClickFix made an app that shares their name. The SeeClickFix app is specifically designed to help communities with many problems.

It has actually been around since 2015 for other communities, but now it is available in Folsom and will be able to control problems easier. This will motivate future adults to report any problems in Folsom, and the government will be able to fix them.

Founded in 2008, SeeClickFix is a digital communications system company created to help diminish the problems of the United States. As of September 8, Folsom was added to their list of cities. The app allows residents to “report non-emergency issues in their community,” as the official app description states. Since its first launch, it has solved over 1 million issues.

The way to use this app is quite simple, as the name suggests. Users simply see a  problem of the community, use the app to click and report the problem, sending it to officials. The officials then do their best to fix the problem. Once someone reports the problem, every citizen of Folsom with the app will get the notice as well.

This app helps notify the public of problems and alerts the government of Folsom of the problem so they can fix it. This app is also free, and lets you take pictures of the problem to go with your report. Examples of such problems to report, as stated by the City of Folsom’s website, include problems “ranging from litter and flooding to damaged sidewalks and malfunctioning traffic signals.”