Locals Support Small Business Saturday

Locals Support Small Business Saturday

Nupoor Wadekar, Section Editor

Small Business Saturday is an American tradition when people get together and celebrate their local brick-and-mortar shops. Americans are in a rut of online shopping from the comfort of their beds, usually scrolling through Amazon looking for cheap TV deals and running to one-stop-shop hypermarkets, like Costco, where they sell almost everything under a single roof.

Because of this convenience in shopping, people often forget to notice the community’s local stores, whether it’s the corner Asian supermarket or a handmade Christmas knickknacks store around the corner. Thus, American Express trademarked Small Business Friday to counter Black Friday and Cyber Monday, in the hopes of highlighting favorite local businesses.

On November 25, Folsom, Calif., celebrated Small Business Saturday at Sutter Street–where local businesses sell antique furniture, clothing, home boutiques, baked delights, pottery, and donuts.

Sherri Metzker is the owner of a small business, Dorothea’s Shoppe, at 801 Sutter Street. Dorothea’s is a year-round Christmas store that offers “unique, extraordinary ornaments, Santas, and other Christmas decorations.” Metzker bought the store in 2013 from the original family who owned it for 48 years and were planning on closing it down. Since she didn’t want to see this “iconic business in Historic Folsom” close down, she purchased it.

Metzker and her husband completely support Small Business Saturday and have been block leaders for the past four years. “Being a block leader includes signing up 10+ businesses in our district, distributing emails, promotional giveaways and creating excitement for others to participate,” said Metzker. She says it is difficult to make a living in today’s world of one-stop hypermarkets and online shopping, but they “work long hard hours, and take great pride in what we do for our family and the community as a whole.”

“I think Small Business Saturday has a great exposure, but three years ago American Express offered a $10 credit on their American Express bill if they shopped small,” Metzker said. This was an incentive for customers to come to their store, and in fact did attract customers.

Shopping small helps give back to the individuals who put in effort and investments towards their business that “offer a shopping experience that can’t be created in an online mall.”