Girl Scouts Still Reject Unified Gender Scout Organizations

The Boy Scouts are now welcoming girls into their ranks.

The Boy Scouts are now welcoming girls into their ranks.

Joshua Lovell, Staff Writer

On Oct. 11, 2017, the Boy Scouts of America announced that they will admit girls into the Cub Scouts starting next year. This new policy has ignited controversy amongst political groups both left and right, even amongst the Girl Scouts of the USA.

Rather than embrace the change, the Girl Scouts criticized the decision. “We’ve had 105 years of supporting girls and a girl-only safe space,” said Lisa Margosian, Chief Customer Officer for the Girl Scouts. “So much of a girl’s life is a life where she is in a coed environment, and we have so much research and data that suggests that girls really thrive in an environment where they can experiment, take risks and stretch themselves in the company of other girls.” She also said the Girl Scouts were “blindsided” by the announcement.

While this is the message endorsed by the Girl Scouts of the USA, there are a variety of dissenting opinions amongst its members. “I think it’s cool that they’re doing this, because I really like Boy Scouts’ format and how they’re teaching it. I personally like a lot of [the] Boy Scout’s rules more than [those of] the Girl Scouts.” says Gillian Werolin, a Girl Scout of 12 years.

According to Werolin, this isn’t the only issue on which she has disagreed with the Girl Scouts. She has been “quite frustrated with them in the past” because “they have a lot of weird rules about how money should be split up” in regard to the sale of Girl Scout Cookies. “I sell about fifty percent of our troop’s earnings, but they want our total earnings to be split out evenly throughout everybody [even though] we have people who don’t even sell… they’re still supposed to get a portion of everything.”

On the other side of the Scout organizations, Eagle Scout Jacob Rheams says that he thinks “it’s perfectly alright” for the Boy Scouts to accept young women, “because… this is something that is very big and in high regard, and for awhile it’s only been open to men… Just being an Eagle Scout is pretty distinguished… it helps you a lot with resumes, college applications, jobs, the military.”

It is yet unknown if the Girl Scouts will maintain their stance on the separation of girls and boys within scouting programs, or if they will eventually allow boys to be Girl Scouts.