A Field of Our Own

Destiny Carr, Staff Writer

Prior to this season, Vista’s freshmen, JV, and varsity football teams have always played at Folsom High School. However, just over a month ago, the Vista football teams played their first home games in the newly built stadium while hundreds of eager fans cheered them on.

Junior Mackenzie McCord has attended every home football game this season. “I feel excited that I get to watch the games at our own school,” said McCord. “I feel more at home.”

Vista students have had opportunities to become involved in the preparations for games at the stadium, including the setup and teardown of decorations and preparing powder cups for the powder throw. This has been great for students like McCord. “I feel like I want to help out more during the games because we’re at our own school,” said McCord.                

As for the football players, playing on their home field is something they will cherish for years to come. Senior Matt Koett is among the lucky seniors to experience this during their final year of high school football. “Playing in the new stadium is cool,” said Koett. “We’ve waited ten years for this, and to be the first team to play on it is really cool…It’s better to have a place to call home.”

Many new things were added to the stadium, including new bleachers–which seats up to 3,253 people–a field house, and new restrooms. “My favorite part of the stadium is definitely the field house,” said Koett.

But the football players aren’t the only ones enjoying the new stadium. Sophomore Haley Wilson has enjoyed her second season as a varsity cheerleader cheering in the new stadium. “I feel a lot more connected to the students and to the school because we are in our own stadium,” said Wilson.“I think that we perform with more passion because we are at our own school,” said Wilson.                                                                                                             

Whether it is this season or in the many seasons to come, Vista athletes, students, and parents will have something special to be proud of and call their own.