Senior Stress in Prepping for College


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Karina Kolakowski, Staff Writer

Seniors at Vista del Lago High School are finishing their college applications for the upcoming academic year. Some students are loading up on AP classes to increase their chances of getting into college while others hope that they worked hard enough to get into the college of their choice.

Colleges are getting harder and harder to get into due to greater educational standards. They are not just looking to interview students with a 4.0 GPA–they are looking for well-rounded students who are taking AP classes, playing  sports, participating in clubs and working at a job.

“Going into colleges, AP classes are going to help you get ready,” said senior Lamyea Hasnain. “AP classes expect more out of you. They do not baby you, like when a teacher will constantly ask you about your grades, while AP classes, it is more on your own. My sister and brother are in college, and so I have heard of the classes they have taken and how hard it gets. I regret not taking as many AP classes, and plus, they count for college credits.”

Taking AP classes could be a deciding factor in applying to top schools, and they also teach students about time management and hard work.

“When you take AP or honors classes, it shows that you challenged yourself. When I am talking to counselors, they say [that] if you get a C in an AP class, it shows that you like working hard and colleges acknowledge that,” senior Christian Shered said.

 Another way students learn time management  is by working a job or an internship.

“I am an intern for the school district. I do communications. I go to community events, whether that be a fire safety awareness [event] or a college fair,” senior Jordan Young said.

Although many students are stressing over things that they need to do before high school ends, some students, like Heyden Azabdafari, are stressed about what will happen after high school.

“I am worried about taking care of myself, like completely being alone. I know I want to move out of Folsom, so being independent completely scares me,” said Azabdafari.

Finally, one senior offers a word of warning about being too busy: “Even if you are going to keep yourself busy, which is important to do, maintaining a good balance and also having fun is an important aspect,” Young said.