“Stranger Things” Season 2 Promises Fans Excitement


Stranger Things: season 2 is now released on Netflix

Isabella Thome, Copy Editor

Thrill. Fear. Passion. Mystery. These are just a few aspects “Stranger Things” fans are looking forward to in the second season. Season two of the highly anticipated show premiered Oct. 27, 2017, and it has a lot to live up to–fans are eager to see what show creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, have in store for them.

The first episode of season one that premiered Jul.15, 2016, starts off with a young boy, Will, disappearing suddenly with a dark creature after a late night of playing games. As his family and friends look for him, a girl with a shaven head escapes from the lab that contains a creature similar to the one that took Will.

The trailer for the upcoming season reveals an unexpected character, Eleven, returning. Vista del Lago students Amber Ryder, Holden Reed, and Heleena Madanat were glad to see she was returning. Both girls’ favorite characters are Mike Wheeler and Eleven. Ryder said, “Their ship name is Mileven.”

Ryder has been a fan of the show since it’s original release last year, and she’s not the only one. She has watched the first season three times and has been waiting six months for the second. Because 96 percent of people liked the show, it’s not hard to assume that tons of fans have been yearning to see Eleven and the gang back together.

These die-hard fans were in agreement that the new season will be scarier and more upsetting than the last season. Reed said, “I think it [Stranger Things] will be more action packed and explore more in the series than the season before.” Being updated with the show, they knew that it was that something stranger was taking place in Hawkins, Indiana.

“Stranger Things” fan Madanat cannot wait for the show’s release and hopes to review it in one of her clubs, Netflex. She joined it because, “I thought it would be fun to watch movies and shows and review them with other people,” said Madanat. She assumes that because of the show’s popularity and large fan-base that they will eventually review the show.

Because of their commitment to the sci-fi series, Reed, Ryder, and Madanat all celebrated the sequel by binge-watching it immediately when it came out. Ryder said, “I went to a party my friend hosted for the premiere, which I am very excited for.”

The release of “Stranger Things” season two draws fans back to the series and brings new ones into the group as well. Old and new fans alike will enjoy the celebrated show even more.