A Class That Actually Allows Students to Sleep in Class


Some students try to get away with sleeping in class.

Amelia Garcia, Staff Writer

FlexTime, a new concept at Vista del Lago High School, gives students the opportunity to receive help in a certain subject, pick up a new skill, or participate in club meetings, all during the school day. While most students use FlexTimes for study halls and academic support, a new class is offering something much different.

Social and Academic Intermission Club, founded by Vista sophomore Sangeeta Kumar, gives students a break from their busy social lives and their overwhelming academics. Club members can talk with their friends, relax, or even take a nap. “The point of my club is to create an environment where everyone is taking a break from everything, whether that's social or academic, or both,” Kumar said.

The club is important to Kumar and its members because it offers time off from the fast-paced block schedule that no other FlexTime can. “I believe that with our schedule, students tend to be more stressed due to the increased workload and tests nearly every week,” Kumar said.

Vista’s assistant principal, Kim Moore, agrees that Vista’s students are very busy. “I think that students (and everyone) have a lot of demands on them, and taking a little break from time to time can be really beneficial,” Moore said in an email.

“When students disconnect from electronic devices and try and quiet their bodies and brains for just a little bit, it can often recharge them and provide benefits to the academic setting, but I think it is equally important for them to also feel better emotionally and physically,” Moore said.

Vista’s students also agree that Social and Academic Intermission Club is a great idea. Freshman Emily Nolder said, “I think it’s good for people to take a break between classes.”

Moore also sees an academic break being helpful.“I think everyone can benefit from taking a little break and disconnecting with electronics and all of the stimulation throughout our normal day,” Moore said.

Some students believe that a break from their school work could boost their academics. “I think it's a good idea,” senior Chris Stephen said. “I think that if you get a break from school, even for a couple of minutes, I think that it would help your academics,” Stephen said.

Others believe that the FlexTime could also benefit students who struggle socially. “If you look around, you’ll find some kids that are very antisocial. [Any] opportunity to help them get out there and maybe make a new friend is a good idea,” said Vista teacher, Christopher Del Grande.

It is clear that Social and Academic Club, is a great idea to both students and faculty. The club meets once a month during FlexTime, where anyone can sign up.