Vista del Lago Introduces New Lacrosse Program


Alex Beckmann and Caden Kallas

During the spring of 2017, Vista del Lago high school has brought the overlooked sport of Lacrosse to campus. As soon as students at Vista began to hear about the new lacrosse program, became very excited.

Vista lacrosse was able to reel in a full men’s varsity and junior varsity as well as a full girls varsity and junior varsity team. This shows how successful this lacrosse program already is, and it’s only the first year!

Leading the men’s team for their first year was coach Mike Messersmith with an overall record 5-6, league record 3-5 and a CA State rank of 137. The men will grow and develop with experience hoping to increase their skill continuing their successes.

Not only did the men have a hard-working year, the women really put forth the work though the year as well. Coach Jamie Fox built the team through their first year with a record of 1-8, league record of 1-7 and 150 at a State rank. Although the record doesn’t indicate all the hard work that the women put in, they fought with blood, sweat, and tears each and every practice and game.

As the years go on, Vista’s Lacrosse Program will continue to grow and succeed to hopefully a perfect season.