Senior Survival Week

Lexy Mososcowitz, Photograph Manager

Seniors, Maddie Hammond, Macy Ogden, Megan Settlemore, and Mary Lehto from the blue team celebrates their team winning on Tuesday at field day.
Seniors sit in the bleachers to listen to important senior information on the first day.
Seniors Ryan Homer, Adam McMahon, Ryan MiddleKauf, Blake Tutor, Macy Viall, Siena Finnell, Savanah Declude, Daniel Baldini, and Zack Nickelson are going to Nevada to continue their education.
Snacking on their foods, seniors Emma Kroencke, Madelin Roman, Grace Forestel, Aydan Perez, Terry Moody, Nate Rettinger, Harmony Loose, Sabrina Duong, Kiana Ikeda, Kamryn Tung and Jessica Penney share a pot luck.
Fegan’s advisory snaps a picture together to always remember the class together.
Camp Carlson camps out in the quad to win the fan favorite from the other grades during the Boat Show.
Ruiz takes part in the boat show to show off his patriotic theme, with the rest of his advisory to give them a blast from the past.
Seniors Bailey McAlister, Kiana Ikeda and Cassidy Merlo reveal their super hero identities to show off their superhero themed boat.
Having a picnic, seniors Arushi Khare, Yuet Wen See and Lauren Hudson spread out a blanket on picnic day.
As Bryce Kreiser wanders by, Jake Remolona and Nicolas Remolona throw some hands up telling the seniors to hang in there — the school year is almost over.
Seniors sit along the side lines as they cheer for their advisory’s boats racing to the finish line.
Jumping into their boat, seniors Dominik Torres and Brandon Burkey immediately overturn it giving them a last place finish and a disappointed adviser.
Seniors from the green team stop for a quick picture before they break off for the games.
Giving high-fives, Kody Madore celebrates a home run in kickball during field games day.