The Influence of Production


Tanner Olsson, Staff Writer

Producing music isn’t just  putting out a song or album; production specifically has to do with the beat–or rhythm–and tune of a song. With that, production has a lot of power. Fans listen to artists and become influenced by them, and youth is especially influenced due to the golden aura around big-music artists.

A student at San Francisco State University, Tyler Olsson, has been a self-taught musician since he was 9-years-old. It all started with a guitar, and more recently he has experimented with electronic music, such as synthesizers and modulators.

“I really enjoyed the idea of being able to put a certain feeling or idea into something other than vocabulary and conversation,” said Olsson.

This passion has driven Olsson to…

Music, just like any art form, is a way to express oneself.  Artists have focused on addressing the problems of our nation or the world through music, such as Kendrick Lamar, Vince Staples and Vic Mensa addressing troubles amongst youth or their cultures.

Typically, rappers will talk about struggles growing up in the world as it is today or what it’s like growing up with everything against you. Kendrick Lamar, having such a big fan base, is an example of someone with great amounts of influence; through songs and albums, he describes his story  and ultimately influences listeners to agree with his ideas. People want to be like their idols and role models, so they change their views through the repetition of listening to their songs.

Social media also plays a large part in the way producers and musicians are viewed. It projects them  as being almost godly to their followers.

A Vista CME student,  Autumn Conklin, has been creating  music for three years now.

“Music can change a mindset or mood for your whole day,” said Conklin. She believes that music is a great tool for positive influence. “It has created and brought together groups of people you wouldn’t expect to normally hangout, due to the music.”