Internet Crazes


Vista’s yearbook class’s Mannequin Challenge is just one example of social media madness hitting Vista students

Bethany Caler, Arts and Entertainment writer

The internet has taken cultural crazes to a new level and can go viral within a matter of minutes. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand why some crazes take off in the first place, like lip plumping, planking and eating a spoonful of cinnamon. Of course, these popular activities say something about the current society. Here are some of the internet crazes that have taken place over the years.

Planking. People have taken planking on such extreme levels that someone died from trying to plank on his balcony.

Lip plumping, or the Kylie Jenner challenge, is where people attempt to make their lips bigger by sucking into a glass that creates bruises and their lips. Most people are doing this challenge for the laugh and entertainment of it.

Of course, there’s also taking selfies, the mannequin challenge, Ice bucket or taking an ice bath, and drinking a gallon of milk in one sitting.

And then there are the challenges that are popular among YouTubers, like eating a spoonful of cinnamon, doing each others’ makeup blindfolded, food tasting blindfolded, the smoothie challenge, whisper challenge, eating as many powdered donuts as possible without coughing, “eat it or wear it,” having as many warheads or lemons as a person can stand, eating a raw onion or wasabi, eating baby food, and trying not to laugh while keeping water in your mouth.

According to Ethan Bridgestock, a junior at Vista del Lago, the smoothie challenge is the best out of all the challenges.  Bridgestock has done this with his friend on his Youtube channel. For this challenge, they got different types of foods and liquids, then had to answer questions about each other. Whoever answered the most questions incorrectly had to combine all the food and liquids in the blender and drink it.

“Naturally, I lost so I had to drink the smoothie. It was so gross, but totally worth it because the process of it was really funny and it was a huge hit on my channel,” Bridgestock said, who also ate a raw onion on his channel. “I didn’t eat the entire thing, but took a few bites of it…and yes I lost that challenge too,” Bridgestock said.

Hannah Wycoff, also a junior at Vista, has only taken part in one challenge.“I’ve only done the ice bucket challenge because my friend nominated me. For this challenge, you must fill a bucket up with ice, then pour it over your head. It was all the hype then so I wanted to try it out,” said Wycoff.

Mike Cordero, a Vista sophomore, has tried to drink a whole gallon of milk along with a few other friends just for fun. “I wasn’t able to finish the whole thing, but only one of my friends was,” Cordero said. “He was bragging about it, then threw up afterward…it was great.”

The Mannequin Challenge is the latest internet craze. Even Vista’s staff and students have made a few of them. It originated when a small group of high school students posed at school. It’s very simple: you just pose and freeze.

It’s going to be interesting to see what the internet brings next.