What are Vista’s Christmas Traditions?

What are Vista’s Christmas Traditions?

Bryant Grimsman, Feautures Writer

Winter break is approaching fast and along with it will come Christmas day. While many will celebrate the holiday, there are a variety of ways to do it. Each Vista family has their own unique way of celebrating the holiday, and some have created wonderful and even comical traditions to bring joy to the season.

A common tradition found among Folsom families takes place on Christmas Eve. Each member of the family selects one gift to open on Christmas Eve. Other traditions were slightly less common. “ Last year, everyone in our family bought the ugliest Christmas sweater we could find for another person our family and we all had to wear the sweaters we got on Christmas morning,” said Seth Grayson, a Vista student. The idea is hilarious and certainly adds to the fun.

“My mom buys me and my siblings an ornament each year that signifies something new or important we did that year,” said junior Julia Mason. Taking time to buy meaningful ornaments that represent an accomplishment in a friend or family member’s life is a touching sentiment and a wonderful gift idea.

For others, Christmas just isn’t Christmas unless it’s  a white one. It’s common knowledge that Folsom doesn’t get snow, even during the winter, which drives some folks to travel out-of-state to enjoy the holidays.

“I have family in Utah, and we go up there every other year to spend Christmas with my extended family and to visit the snow so we can ski and go snowboarding,” said Scott Walburger. Many people will also find themselves visiting Tahoe and other California hot spots for skiing and snowboarding.

The Christmas season comes to everyone in their own way. Everyone has their own traditions that make the holidays a special time for them and their families.