What are New Voters Saying Post Election?

What are New Voters Saying Post Election?

Bryant Grimsman, Feautures Writer

Missing emails, racist comments, Trump versus Clinton. The 2016 Presidential Election has forced voters to ask questions about the integrity of our presidential candidates, but what are the young voters saying about their first election as politically active citizens?

Heavy accusations have been made against both Trump and Clinton that are concerning even to the most experienced voters. Among these accusations are rape, giving political favors for money, covering up emails, and racism. The two candidates were aware of their opposing candidate’s weak spots and aggressively targeted these accusations in commercials, campaign rallies and the presidential debates.

A large number of voters were no doubt torn with the decision of voting for our nation’s next leader, and a portion of these people voted for the first time in this most dramatic and controversial election.

So what are brand new voters thinking about their first election?

“It makes me wonder where we are headed with candidates in the future,” said 18-year-old Brady Spence. Trump, with his impulsive way of speaking, worries voters about the political world they will now become a part of with him in the White House and the precedent he may set for candidates yet to come.

However, Trump wasn’t the only candidate that stirred up concern. Clinton also caused distress among novice voters.

“She just seems shady, I don’t know what she has actually done,  but she doesn’t seem very open about much,” said 19-year-old Spencer Bertagnini, referring to Clinton and the scrutiny she is under for covering up email transactions.

Some voters were concerned with the ability both candidates had to escape any serious investigation of criminal accusations behind them. “How is it that the two most heavily accused candidates were the frontrunners? Why is the public ignoring serious concerns?” said Abby Karren, who voted for the first time this election year. She, and many others, are frightened by the idea that candidates are able distract voters from major scrutiny for their actions.

The race this year was perhaps the most bitter and contentious one that the U.S has seen. Social media has blown up with less than respectful comments on all the running campaigns. We should hope that this won’t become a standard for elections yet to come.

The 2016 election will certainly be one to remember. Only future elections will reveal the influence these candidates have left.