Twins Fly over the Competition

Justin Moura, Staff writer

 Adrenaline, anger and fear are all factors when indoor skydiving. Sophomore twins Noah and Caleb Thornquest face these things every time they step into the wind tunnel.

The twins have been skydiving for seven years after becoming interested when their mom and step-dad introduced them to the sport. “We started working with a coach to start training to compete about three years into it,” Noah said.

“I still remember the day our mom sat us down and asked us if we wanted to really commit to the sport,” Caleb said.

They compete together and are a dynamic duo in the air, and there are advantages of the two being brothers and living together. It is really easy and convenient for the two to train together and learn new things.

“Without Noah as my partner I wouldn’t be where I am today for sure,” Caleb said.

“We support each other and encourage one another to get better,” said Noah.

However, they wouldn’t be where they are today without a little  competition between them on who is better.

“I’d say I’m better than him at small things,” said Noah.

You would think Caleb’s answer would that he is better than Noah, but he is humble and says, “But to be honest, Noah is better than me.”

The brothers have some major awards together, including Noah winning gold in 2015 ifly SF, a two-way gold, and in 2016 at the Global Kids challenge they won gold.

On Dec. 8 and 9, the boys had a competition in Seattle, Wash. They have more competitions in the future and look forward to advancing in this sport as they become better than they already are.