International Night is a Local Success

International Night at Vista

International Night at Vista

Puja Madgula, Copy Editor, Writer

On Nov. 2, Vista del Lago hosted its first International Night, an event intended to bring about the diverse cultures among students. The night, organized by Carrie Jackson, was filled with cultural posters, clubs and performances designed to both educate and entertain.

On the perimeter of the cafeteria, where the event was set up, people put up posters describing the cultures of various countries. One poster, created by sisters Annie and Connie Ma, was of the country China. They made an elaborate poster of China’s landmarks, food and cultures. 

In addition, a few first-generation students created posters of their family members’ stories. They each documented one of their parent’s journeys to America, and how they felt about the culture clash.

Apart from the cultural posters, many clubs came to support the night by tying their clubs on an international spectrum for the night. One student, Alyssa Wang, represented the World Culture’s club on our campus. “We had a trivia game as well as a Japanese video game for people to play,” said Wang. “We also asked general knowledge questions about the continents.”

Model UN, a club specifically dealing with international issues and relations between countries, was also present at International Night. “International Night was a great complement for our members to learn about the different cultures in the various countries they discuss,” said Raj Ajudia, the president of the club. “We want our members to realize no foreign decision should be made in a country without respecting its traditions and customs.”

Club president Melanie Cooray was there as a representative of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). “We were here to promote how people from Vista come from all different backgrounds and different types of countries,” said Cooray, “and how businesses everywhere affect the world, and how countries like Japan, China and Chile affect the United States.”

While all of these activities were going on in the perimeter, multi-cultural performances were taking place on a podium set up in the center of the cafeteria. Lydia Samaniego and Michele Bolton’s classes performed traditional South American dances. Esha Singh choreographed an upbeat Indian dance known as Bhangra. In addition, Nupoor Wadekar and Alekhya Voleti hosted a fashion show where students showcased the clothing differences throughout various cultures.

Nupoor Wadekar, a new junior student at Vista, found the event especially profound. “Coming from India, I feel like I have a different perspective of the diversity on this planet,” said Wadekar. “Vista del Lago celebrates that diversity, and hence, it was my honor to have a part in commemorating our international loved ones.”

As International Night’s inaugurating year, it was a success that everyone hopes will continue in years to come.