10 Weird Gifts People Actually Buy

Caden Kallas, Section Editor

  1. C & A Scientific Real Bat Skeleton

A skeleton will always be a creepy gift, but it’s one that could definitely peak the interest of some people. A real bat skeleton can be used a home decor, classroom or scientific study. This gift might be a very unexpected one, but it will certainly blow someone’s mind.

Sold by Amazon $38.99

  1. Ouija Board Necklace

This is a great gift for friends who believe in psychics, the occult and life after death. The necklace is 18 inches long and made from a metal alloy. Many people believe this would be bad luck, but many other would be very interested and love this necklace. Just make sure they have seen the movie before they get questioned about the necklace.  

Price: $16.99


  1. Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

We all know a hardcore cat lover. This person might also want cat lady action figure.  Whether it symbolizes their love for cats, or is just a great decoration, someone could be getting the perfect gift. 

Sold by Amazon $14.19.


  1. Bath Buzz Caffeinated Soap

For people that just need their caffeine to keep them going through the day. This bath soap has caffeine to help keep your energy levels high. Now Starbucks isn’t the only gift a coffee lover can enjoy.

Sold by Amazon $11.69


  1. Canned Unicorn Meat

For any meat enthusiast, this unicorn meat might just add a spark to their fire. This special meat seems to be priced very reasonably for how rare it must be. Nobody knows what it is really made of, but that must be why it’s called unicorn meat.  

Sold by Amazon $14.95


  1. Men’s Handerpants

Never know when someone’s hands might need an extra layer of caution. This underwear for your hands can help absorb sweat or protect other outside substances from touching your hands. For anyone who feels the urge to have tighty-whities covering their palms or a friend who constantly gets their hands dirty, this is the perfect gift.

Sold by Amazon $10.53.


  1. Emergency Inflatable Rubber Chicken

Whether your car is sinking in a pond you accidentally drove into, or a friend looks like they need a little bit of extra help swimming, an inflatable chicken will do just the trick. Just simply remove, blow to inflate and have an emergency floatation device.

Sold by Amazon $7.80.


  1. Face–Butt Towel

Although this product may seem a little gross, it has a valuable purpose. A designated brown side — appropriately for your butt — and the other side is for your face to be sure these two do not cross paths.

Sold by Amazon $14.01.


     9. The Gift of Nothing

Can’t think of a good gift idea for a friend who has everything? This gift of “nothing” could be the perfect one. This gift allows them to receive something that they don’t already have.

Sold by Amazon $8.98.


     10. Venus Fly Trap

Not the prettiest plant in the world, but it certainly could amuse or impress someone. This Venus Fly Trap attempts to catch flies as they land in its pedals. An open mind could make this plant a very unexpected but fascinating gift.  

Sold by Amazon $9.98.