Upcoming Movies Worthy of Hype


Palladio 16 Cinemas

Arin Enders, Arts and Entertainment Section Editor

This year has been a popular year for movies. Many have released in 2016, such as “Suicide Squad”, creating hype among the viewers, including students at Vista del Lago. And even though the year is almost over, there are more movies coming out in theaters people are excited for, such as one from Disney.

“I really wanna watch Moana,” said Vista junior Penny Sokun. “Moana” is a Disney movie featuring Moana as the teenage heroine who sets sail searching for the demigod Maui in hopes to save her home from starvation.

Vista junior Matt Clegg looks forward to seeing “Rogue One”. “It’s pretty interesting to see how the Star Wars goes,” said Clegg. “Rogue One” is a midquel of the Star Wars series taking place between the 3rd and 4th episodes, where they work together to steal the plans of the Empire’s most destructive weapon, the Death Star.

While many people go to the theaters to watch movies, there are some who prefer to wait for the movies to come out on Netflix, Blu-Ray, etc. Clegg is one of the people who prefer to watch movies on Netflix.

Sokun is another who likes waiting for movies to come out on Netflix or DVD. “[I’m waiting for movies to come out on DVD or Netflix] because there’s more freedom in watching movies in your home. I can just get up anytime to get whatever food there is in my house,” said Sokun. Sokun also mentioned she has her own movie projector, so watching movies in her home feels like she’s watching them in an actual theater.

“I pay just $10 a month for almost unlimited good movies and Netflix exclusive shows,” said Clegg.

Unlike Clegg and Sokun, Vista junior Jennifer Villalobos likes watching movies in theaters. “The screen is bigger [in theaters],” said Villalobos.

Whether or not this season’s movie selection was good this year depends on who you ask. “[The movie selection this season has] been pretty good ever since the start of October because a lot of scary movies came out,” said Sokun.

Many people are excited for some movies coming out soon in theaters. Some of the movies upcoming in theaters are listed down below:

Movie: Release Date:
Rogue One December 15
Neruda December 15
Patriot’s Day December 20
Assassin’s Creed December 20
Silence December 22
A Monster Calls December 22
Paterson December 27