Students Bring Art to Vista

Students Bring Art to Vista

Puja Madgula, Staff Writer/ Copy Editor

The 2016-17 school year brought over 550 new students to Vista del Lago. The current school population is 1760 students, and of those, very few students actually participate in clubs. It would seem that the majority of clubs are academic-based or volunteer-based, but what many students don’t know is that there are creative and artistic clubs in the mix as well. In fact, there are three new clubs in this category that may appeal to Vista’s creative students. These include the Art Club, Music Club, and Photographic Arts Club.

Art Club

The purpose of Art Club is to express ideas through visual depiction. “In Art Club, we create close bonds with each other and express our ideas and it brings people together,” said  Annie Liu,  president of the club.

Liu started off as treasurer freshman year. When the president at the time graduated from Vista, Liu took on the position. “It’s something that makes me excited every week,” Liu said.

Currently, the Art Club has three projects going. First, they are creating a set for the drama program at Vista. Second, they are creating a mural on the back wall of the K-building for the kids with special needs in our school. Third, they are doing a personal project that includes a wide variety of things. For example, the “Google Doodle” competition is cbeing held where people create a temporary alteration of the Google Logo to celebrate holidays, events, achievements, and people.

In addition to the exciting projects they are working on in Art Club, people have the opportunity to make friends and develop close relations with each other.

“Many don’t think they’re good enough, but you don’t have to be the best artist. We definitely encourage everyone to join. It’s all about expressing our ideas,” said  Liu.

Join the Art Club because it makes a difference that you can visually see. They meet every Thursday from 3:08 to 5 pm.

Vista’s Musician’s Social Club

The purpose of Vista’s Musician’s Social Club is to raise money for charity and simply explore new tune with each other.

“I was enjoying my sophomore year and choosing my junior year classes when I realized that I don’t have any music classes for a whole semester. And it really irked me, so I needed something to replace it. Here it [Vista’s Musician’s Social Club] was,” said  Andrew Eugenio Sonico, president of the club.

The club also appeals to members on a personal level and helps eliminate stress. “It’s a release of stress and toil from everyday life,” said  Sonico Eugenio. “It’s like I am floating on a cloud with music.”

During the meetings, the club plays and listens to music, play games centered on music, and plan and conduct performances.

Seriously, who doesn’t love music? The Vista’s Musician’s Social Club meets every other week on Tuesdays right after school in the choir room for one hour.

A photo taken by one of our club members Nicole Schneiderman shows experimentation aspect of photography and was submitted as part of a “Candlelight” club photo assignment

Photographic Arts Club

The purpose of the Vista Photographic Arts Club is to give students a place to explore and develop their artistic abilities through photography. Members learn about photography and film while also sharing their photos with peers and engaging in active discussion to develop their skills.

“It’s so simple these days to take a photo, with the modern software in our devices. But what does it mean to make a photo? I knew that I wasn’t the only one with this thought. So that’s what this club became about: making images,” said  Deveshi Buch, president of the club,“It’s something about the intricacy of capturing and communicating the very essence of thought and emotion that so moves me.”

Vista’s Photographics Art Clubs’ meetings are held to share important club events, contests, and reminders to members. They usually have a photo sharing session, followed by peer critiques to improve photographic skill.

The Photographic Arts Club meets twice a month for club meetings with additional activity days. Each club meeting is about 30-45 minutes while activity days are around 1 hour.