Soccer Gets a Season Change

Justin Maura

Vista winter sports usually consist of basketball and wrestling, but this year soccer will also be a part of Vista’s winter sports. The question is if the teams can maintain their winning records with the adjustment in the schedule.   

The men’s team usually has their season in the fall and women’s is usually in the spring. Moving a sport to a different season can have an impact on the players in many different ways, including how the temperature changes affect their skills. “Playing in the cold and the rain will definitely change the dynamics of the game,” said junior Jordan Young.

While the weather will most likely affect the teams, moving the sport to winter doesn’t have to have a bad impact. “I’m expecting about ten new players that haven’t played due to other sport commitments during the spring,” said varsity women’s soccer coach Jaimy McLaughlin.

Although this may affect the women’s team, it has less of an effect on the men’s team. “I am anticipating just a handful of players to be impacted by double sports. Coaches usually work out the logistic so there will be a limited impact to the players and the team,” said varsity men’s soccer coach Joe Esfandiary.

With both the men’s and women’s season being moved to the same season, there was a little confusion on sharing the field. With the football team also being in playoffs during the time of soccer tryouts, it made it extremely difficult for the teams to get their time on the field. The girls had their tryouts right after school, the football team practiced right after them, and finally the boys’ team had their tryouts right after the football team until 9 p.m.

Both men’s and women’s tryouts were November 7-11, and the teams are ready to take on the new season. The men’s first home game is January 10 at the Vista del Lago stadium. The women’s first home game is December 13 at Livermore park, so come out and support the teams.