It’s Time to Appreciate Student Government

It’s Time to Appreciate Student Government

Trevor Altman, Features writer

Everyone enjoys school events, but how much work actually goes into them?

Students who want to get involved in school do so through Student Government. These students plan and set up all of Vista’s events, which includes spirit days, dances and rallies.

Most students have no idea what goes on in the class or how much work they actually do. However, the students in this class probably do the most extra curricular work of anyone at Vista. Every event that Student Government runs can take months to plan and many hours to set up. There are various positions that have to come together and do their parts to ensure that school activities run smoothly.

By taking this class, students gain important life skills, such as leading and meeting deadlines. “Student government has given me a lot of experience with leading. I feel like it could benefit me in the future,” said senior Preston Beck, a PRC. As a PRC, his main job is to lead and get others excited about school spirit. Beck and the other PRCs at this school lead rallies, chants at football games and spirit days. 

“It’s a lot of work, but it is fun being a part of a great program,” said Jordan Young. It is his third year in Student Government. “It is a great feeling knowing I am contributing to making our school a better place.”

This class does more than help the school –it helps the students build lasting friendships. The students get involved in school activities while making memories with the same kids throughout high school.

This class is not just an easy A. It is a great way to get experience and gain important skills for the future.