“Baby It’s Cold Outside” Warms Hearts

Maddie Roman, Arts and Entertainment Section Editor

Pantomiming, warm apple cider and a silent auction — these elements came together at a showcase held by Vista del Lago’s performing artists on Dec. 2 in Vista’s black box theater. The show, appropriately named “Baby It’s Cold Outside”,  featured many of Vista’s drama students as well as other performing artists showcasing a variety of songs and monologues coupled with a few original pieces.  Additionally, they held a silent auction and  will use proceeds to fund two scholarships for Vista students.

“That first year, [A Night of Scenes and Songs] was a huge success and raised $1,000 dollars, which was beyond what any of us were expecting,” said drama teacher Cristina Rae. “The following year, we decided that it would work to fund two Vista drama scholarships and that we would hold a Vista Drama Awards Night at the end of the year that would be supported by the fundraiser, in addition to the growing list of theatre improvements.”  

The drama department has big plans for the future of the Black Box theater, including a new set of microphones, a scrim (a piece of gauze cloth that appears opaque until lit from behind, used as a screen or backdrop) and a false proscenium (a frame formed by scenic canvas or vertical flats within the proscenium arch). Aside from raising money though this was an opportunity for students to work together again for the first time in a few months.

“Everyone who was in the booth working on lighting or sound did a brilliant job, and I loved working with them. The performers did great as well and I was so happy with how everything turned out,” said Vista senior Melissa Minnard. “I absolutely recommend [the drama program] to people, whether they want to perform, work on tech, or just come to support the drama program.”

This event is an excellent way raise the necessary funds to continue the growth of Vista’s program while allowing students to showcase their talents on the Vista stage.  

Typically, the students in “A Night of Scenes and Songs” performances are part of the drama program, but this event was also open to anyone who wanted to join. “Often we are able to highlight students who may not necessarily get the lead roles in the play or musical, and this night is their opportunity to shine.  The spirit of the night is one of support, and it’s really great to see,” said Rae. “Students are asked to bring me their acts, I approve them for content, and they rehearse them on their own and in groups.”

Students who participated were excited to be reunited with fellow castmates and crew members as well as meet a few kids who were interested in joining the drama program in the future.

“It was so fun to see everyone again and reconnect because many of us don’t have classes together,” said sophomore Sydney Blake who worked as a server that night. “It was like a family reunion; we’re all very close and there were a few kids who were here for the first time and it nice to make that family a bit bigger”

The next Vista Drama Boosters event will be the spring musical: “Seussical the Musical”. Want to get involved? “My first piece of advice would be to attend one of our events. We constantly have things going on in the drama department,” Rae said. “A great way to get involved is to sign up for tech, usher a show or audition.